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NLRB Election Procedures

NLRB Cases and Filings

  • NLRB Home Page Link
  • NLRB Regional Offices Link
  • Case Search Link
  • Recent Filings Link


 Current NLRB Election Procedures

  • NLRB Representation Case Procedures Final Rule Link
  • Text of Amended Rules Link
  • NLRB General Counsel Guidance Memo Link 4/14/2015
  • Frequently Asked Questions Link
  • PowerPoint Presentiation Showing Changes in R Case Rules Link


NLRB Revised Election Procedures (Delayed Until May 31, 2020)

  • NLRB Press Release Link Delayed Until May 31, 2020 Link
  • NLRB Fact Sheet Link
  • NLRB Revised NLRB Election Procedures Link


NLRB Petitions

  • RC Petition and Other Petitions Link
  • Description of Procedures in Certification Cases Link NLRB Form 4812
  • Certificate of Service of Petition Link NLRB Form 5544


Statement of Position and Initial List

  • Dates for Hearings and Statement of Position Due Dates Link
  • NLRB Data - Petitions and Elections Link
  • Notice of Appearance Link NLRB Form 4701
  • Statement of Position and Commerce Questionnaire Link NLRB Form 505
  • Format of Initial List Link
  • Completed Sample Petition Link and Statement of Position form responding to the Sample Petition Link
  • Second Sample Petition Link and Statement of Positon form responding to Second Sample Petition Link


Voter List

  • Format of Voter List Link
  • Certificate of Service of Voter List List  NLRB Form 5545


NLRB Manuals

  • NLRB Casehandling Manual - Representation Proceedings Link
  • Representation Case Outline of Law Link & Supp & Supp
  • NLRB Guide for Hearing Officers Link


NLRB Election and Post-Election Procedures

  • Request to Block Petition Link NLRB Form 5546
  • Election and Post-Election Procedures Link NLRB Form 5547


Additional Links

  • NLRB Links
  • Union Links
  • NLRB Proposed Rules on Blocking Charge Policy and Voluntary Recognition Bar Link and Link 
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