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  •  Public Health: KDHE Link
  •  Mask Requirement:
  •  Unemployment: Kansas Link
    •  EO 20-50 Relaxing Unemployment Benefit requirements Link
    •  FAQs Unemployment Benefits and COVID-19 Link and Link
  •  Driver's License:  EO 20-12 Link  EO 20-46 Link EO 20-49 Link


  •  Public Health: Mo DHSS Link
  •  Mask Requirement
  •  Unemployment: Missouri Link
  •  Driver's License:  Mo Dept of Revenue Link

Other Selected States



  •  Public Health: CO Dept Public Health Link
  •  Unemployment: Colorado Link
  •  Driver's License: Extended Link



  •  Public Health: Georgia Dept of Health Link  
  •  Business: Orders Link Vulnerable Population Link
  •  Unemployment: Georgia Link
    •  FAQs COVID-19 and Unemployment Link


  •  Public Health: IDPH Link
  •  Unemployment: Iowa Link
  •  Driver's License:  Extended Link



  •  Public Health: Ohio Dept of Health Link
  •  Unemployment: Ohio Link



  •  Public Health: OK State Dept of Health Link
  •  Business: Vulnerable Population Link
  •  Unemployment: Oklahoma Link
  •  Driver's License: Extended Link


  •  Public Health: PA Dept of Health Link
  •  Unemployment: Pennsylvania Link



  •  Public Health: TX Health and Human Services Link
  •  Unemployment: Texas Link
  •  Driver's License: Extended Link

Unemployment Compensation

  •  CARES Act (HR 748) Link
  •  Committee on Finance Summary on Unemployment Benefits Link
  •  US DOL Guidance Link
  •  Unemployment Benefits Finder Link 
  •  NCSL Link
  •  Weekly Unemployment Claims Link
  •  Policy Basics: Unemployment Benefits Link CBPP
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