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Coronavirus - Federal Law & Agency

EEOC Guidance

  •  What You Should Know - COVID-19 Link
  •  Pandemic Preparedness and ADA Link
  •  EEOC Webinar Link and Transcript Link
  •  National Origin / Race Discrimination Link
  •  EEOC Agency-Wide Telework Link


Wage & Hour

  •  COVID-19 and the FLSA Link
  •  Exempt EEs - Salary Basis Test Link  29 USC 541.602
  •  Exempt EEs - Directed to Take Vacation Link and Opinion Letter Link
  •  Furloughs and Reductions in Pay - Fact Sheet #70 Link


Paid Leave and FMLA Leave

  • Families First Coronvirus Response Act (HR 6201) - the new Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act and Emergency FMLA Expansion Act Link
    •  DOL Temporary Rule Link
    •  DOL Webinar Slides Link
    •  DOL Guidance - Emergency Paid Leave/FMLA Link
    •  Questions and Answers Link
    •  Fact Sheet for Employers Link and Employees Link
    •  Poster for Private Sector Employers Link and Poster Q&A Link
    •  Temp Non-Enforcement (thru 4/17/20) Link
    •  IRS - Tax Credits for Paid Leave Link and FAQs Link
  •  Paid Sick Leave Laws NCSL
    • Colorado Health Emergency Leave with Pay Link 
    • New York Paid Leave for Mandatory Quarantine Link
  •  COVID-19 and FMLA Link



  •  See State Guidance Link


I-9, E-Verify and Driver's Licenses

  •  Temporary Policies for I-9 and E-Verify Link Expired ID Docs Link
  •  I-9 Forms - Remote Completion Link
  •  Everify - Extended Timeframes for TNCs Link
  •  Real ID Deadline Extended 10/1/21 Link
  •  State Driver's License - Auto Extensions (selected states)


OSHA Guidance

  •  COVID-19 Guidance Link
  •  Guidance on Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19 Link
  •  Recording Workplace Exposure to COVID-19
    • Enforcement Guidance Link and Press Release Link
    • Previous Guidance Link and Link
  •  OSHA Updated Enforcment Guidance Link
    • Previous Interim Enforcement Plan Link
  •  OSHA Discretion in Enforcement Link


US Department of Transportation

  •  DOT Guidance on Drug and Alcohol Testing Link
  •  FMCSA Fuidance on Drug and Alcohol Testing Link
  •  Hours of Service - relief for certain CMVs Link



  •  COVID-19 National Interest Exemption (thru 6/17/20) Link



  •  WARN FAQ for COVID-19 Link



  •  Duty to Bargain in Emergency Situations Link
  •  NLRB Suspends Elections (thru 4/3/20) Link
  •  Modification to R-Case Procedures (delayed to 5/31/20) Link
  •  Updates on NLRB Office Closures Link



  •  File Notice of Bargaining Online Link
  •  Virtual Mediation Link



  •  Coronavirus Tax Relief Link 
  •  Economic Impact Payments Link
  •  Federal Income Tax Filing Date Extended to July 15, 2020 Link


Health Plans

  •  COVID-19 Coverage and Testing - FAQs Link
  •  COVID-19 FAQs for Participants and Beneficiaries Link
  •  COVID-19 Notice - Extension of COBRA Timeframs Link
  •  Updated COBRA Notices Link and FAQs Link and Release Link
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