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Coronavirus - CDC Guidance

CDC and Public Health Guidance

for Businesses



  •  How Coronavirus Spreads Link
  •  How to Protect Yourself Link
    • Cloth Face Covering Link and State Mask Orders Link
    • Gloves Link
    • Social Distancing Link
    • Cleaning and Disinfecting Link
  • Checking Employees
    • Symptoms Check - EEOC Link
    • Temperature Check - State Orders Link and OSHA Link


  • Symptoms Link
  • COVID-19 vs. Cold vs. Flu vs. Allergies Link and Link
  • Cornoavirus Self-Checker Link
  • Emergency Signs Link


Higher Risk

  •  Older Adults Link
  •  Underlying Medical Conditions Link
  •  Other People who Need Extra Precautions Link
  •  EEOC Guidance Link



  • Viral Testing Link
  • Antibody Testing Link and EEOC Guidance Link
  • Approved Tests Link and Interpreting Test Results Link
  • Total Tests Link
  • Costs Link and Link
  • Testing Strategies for high density critical infrastructure Link and Link
  • Persistent and Recurrent Positive Tests - FAQs Link
  • Workplace Testing - Informed Consent Link


Carying for Someone Who Is Sick

  • Carying for Someone Who is Sick at Home Link
  • Therapeutics Link and FDA Link
  • Total Cases and Deaths Link
  • Mortality Rate Link


Isolation and Quarantine

  • Isolation - When You Can End Link
  • Quarantine - When You Can End Link Close Contact Defined Link 
  • Critical Infrastructure Employees Link


Travel Restrictions

  • CDC Travel Guidance Link 
  • International Travel
    • State Department Guidance Link
    • CDC Travel Recommendations by Country Link
    • CDC Guidance - Cruise Ships Link
  • U.S.-Mexico Border Travel Restrictions Link
  • Kansas Travel Quarantine Guidelines Link


Businesses and Workplaces

  • Interim Guidance for Business and Employers Link
  • OSHA Guidance on Returning to Work for Businesses Link
  • Employer Information for Office Buildings Link
  • Resuming Business Toolkit Link
  • General Business FAQs and Preparing Small Busineses Link
  • Communication Tools (poster, images, videos) Link


Meat Processing

  • Food Safety and the Coronovirus - USDA Link and FDA Link
  • Critical Infrastructure Workers - Close Contact - CDC Link
  • Executive Order - Defense Protection Act Link and Fact Sheet Link
  • Meat and Poultry Processing Workers and Employers - CDC/OSHA Link 
  • Meat and Poultry Processing Facility Assesment Toolkit Link
  • USDA to Implement Executive Order Link
  • USDA Letters to Meatpackers and Governors Link
  • USDA - Meatpacking Practicing Safe Reopening Link
  • OSHA Statement of Enforcement Policy Link
  • KDHE Requirements for Modified Quarantine Link and CDC Reports Link


More Information

  •  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Link
  •  Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resources Link
  •  Opening Up America Again Link




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