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Coronavirus - CDC Guidance

CDC and Public Health Guidance

for Businesses


How Virus Spreads - How to Protect Against it

  •  How Coronavirus Spreads Link 
    •  FAQ: Is it spread through food?  Link CDC
    •  FAQ: Is it spread through food/food packaging Link FDA
  •  How to Protect Yourself Link
    •  CDC Handouts Link
    •  Reduce the Spread - Handout Link 
    •  Coronavirus vs. Cold vs. Flu vs. Allergies - Handout Link 
  •  15 Days to Slow the Spread Link
    • FAQ: Social Distancing in food plants Link FDA


Guidance for Businesses and Employers

  •  Guidance to Employers to Plan and Respond Link
  •  Employer Information for Office Buildings Link
  •  Mass Gatherings or Large Events Link
  •  Cleaning and Disinfection Facility Link


People Who Need Extra Precautions

  •  People at Higher Risk for Severe Illness Link and List
  •  Older Adults Link
  •  Pregnant Woman and Breastfeeding Link
  •  Facemasks Link 
    •  WHO Recommendation Link
    •  CDC New Recommendation Link and Link Q&A Link 
    •  FDA Recommendation Link 
    •  Ohio Department of Health - Face Coverings Link
    •  Pennsylvania Dept of Health - Homemade Masks Link
  •  Use of Respirators Link


Symptoms and Testing

  •  Symptoms Link and Emergency Warning Signs Link
  •  Coronavirus Self-Checker Link
  •  Testing for COVID-19 Link
  •  Can Person Test Negative and Later Positive for COVID-19 Link
  •  Close Contact Link


Sick or Caring for Someone

  •  What To Do if You are Sick Link and Handout Link
  •  Caring for Yourself at Home Link  and Poster Link
  •  When You Can Be Around Others After COVID-19 Link


Travel Restrictions

  •  CDC Travel Health Notices Link
  •  Travel in the United States Link
    •  CDC Travel Advisory - NY, NJ, CT Link and Truck Drivers Link
    •  Delaware Travel Quarantine Link
    •  Florida Travel Quarantine Link
    •  Kansas Mandatory Travel Quarantine Link and FAQ Link
      • Seward County Travel Quarantine Link and News Link
    •  Oklahoma Travel Quarantine Link
    •  Texas Mandatory Travel Quarantine Link
  •  International Travel
    •  Travelers Returning from International Travel Link
    •  State Department Advisory Link
    •  US-Canadian Border Travel Restrictions Link
    •  US-Mexico Border Travel Restrictions Link
    •  Travelers Returning from Cruises Link


Meat Processing

  •  Critical Infrastructure Workers - Close Contact - CDC Link
  •  Executive Order - Defense Protection Act Link and Fact Sheet Link
  •  Meat and Poultry Processing Workers and Employers - CDC/OSHA Link 
  •  USDA to Implement Executive Order Link
  •  USDA Letters to Meatpackers and Governors Link
  •  USDA - Meatpacking Practicing Safe Reopening Link
  •  OSHA Statement of Enforcement Policy Link
  •  KDHE Requirements for Modified Quarantine Link and CDC Reports Link


Total Cases

  •  CDC - US Total Cases Link
  •  CDC - State Totals Link
  •  Johns Hopkins University Dashboard Link
  •  Selected State Public Health Departments - State Totals Link


More Information

  •  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Link
  •  Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resources Link
  •  USDA Coronavirus Link
  •  FDA Food Safety and Coronavirus Link
  •  Opening Up America Again Link




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