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Wage & Hour - Federal Laws

Law and Regulations

  • Wage & Hour Regulatory Library Link
  •  US DOL Guidance Database Link


Compliance Assistance

  • Wage & Hour Division Home Page Link
  • Compliance Assistance Link
  • Field Operations Handbook Link 
  • Fact Sheets Link
  • DOL Opinion Letters Link


Minimum Wage

  • Federal Minimum Wage Link
  • Minimum Wage for Federal Contractors Link
  • State Minimum Wage DOL
  • State Minimum Wage NCSL


Overtime Pay

  • Overtime Pay Link
  • Final Rule:  White Collar Exemption Link
  • Final Rule:  Regular Rate Link
  • Proposed Rule:  Fluctuating Work Week Link
  • FLSA Overtime Calculator Advisor Link



  • Comprehensive FLSA PowerPoint Presentation Link
  • White Collar Exemptions PowerPoint Presentation Link


Hours of Work and Pay Issues


Child Labor

  • Child Labor Link
  • elaws Child Labor Rules Advisor Link
  • Internship Programs Link
  • Chile Labor PowerPoint Presentation Link


Poster and Recordkeeping


Wage and Salary Data

  • Wage Data by Area and Occupation Link
  • Employment Cost Link
  • Employer Cost for Employee Compensation Link


State Wage Laws

  • State Wage Laws Link


Independent Contractor or Employee

  • IRS Guidance Link
  • Form 1099-MISC - IRS Link
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