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Union Membership

  • Union Membership - Nationally Link


Union Federations



  • AFL-CIO Unions Link
  • BCTGM Link
  • Boilermakers Link
  • Communication Workers Link
  • Electrical Workers Link
  • Ironworkers Link
  • Operating Engineers Link
  • Steelworkers Link
  • Teamsters Link
  • United Auto Workers Link
  • United Food & Commercial Workers Link


Union Financial Reports and Bylaws

  • Union Finanical Reports Link
  • Union Constitution, Bylaws, CBAs Link
  • Union Facts Link
  • UFCW - Union Facts Link
  • US DOL Criminal and Civil Enforcement Link


Collective Bargaining Notice

  • Filing a Notice to Mediation Agencies Link
  • FMCS F-7 Notice of Bargaining Link
  • Collective Bargaining Notice F-7 Data Link


Collective Bargaining

  • Collective Bargaining Agreements Link
  • Wage Data by Area and Occupation Link
  • Employer Cost for Employee Compensation Link


Strikes and Work Stoppages

  • Work Stoppages Link FMCS
  • Annual Major Work Stoppages Link BLS


NLRB and Arbitration

  • National Labor Relations Board Link
  • NLRB Election Procedures Link
  • Labor Arbitration Link


Research Services

  • Labor Research Partners Link
  • PTI Labor Research Link
  • Union Corruption Report Link



  • List of State Right-to-Work Laws Link
  • National Right-to-Work Legal Defense Foundation Link


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