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Occupational Safety and Health Administration


  • OSHA Home Page Link
  • OSHA National Office Link
  • OSHA Offices by State Link


OSHA Compliance Materials

  • Occupational Safety and Health Act Link
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance Link
  • OSHA Standards Link
  • OSHA Standard Interpretations Link
  • OSHA Directives Link
  • OSHA Field Operations Manual Link
  • OSHA Compliance Assistance Link
  • OSHA eTools Link


Reporting Fatality and Multiple Hospitalization

  • Report a Fatality or Severe Injury Link
  • OSHA Emergency Contact Wallet Card Link
  • OSHA Regulation Link 29 CFR 1904.39
  • OSHA Fatality Inspection Procedures Link CPL 2.113
  • Communicating OSHA Fatality Inspection to Victim Families Link
  • Reports of Fatalities Link


OSHA Recordkeeping

  • OSHA Poster Link
  • OSHA Recordkeeping Link
  • Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records Link


OSHA Training

  • Training Resoures Link
  • Training Requirements in OSHA Standards Link


OSHA Inspections

  • Inspection Data Link
  • Establishment Search Link 
  • Inspection Information by Number Link
  • Top 10 OSHA Violations Link
  • OSHA Field Inspection Reference Manual Link
  • OSHA Post-Inspection Procedures Link
  • OSHA Penalties Link
  • Employer's Rights and Responsiblities Following an OSHA Inspection Link
  • OSHRC Link


Anti-Retaliation and Complaints

  • Right to Report Injuries - Incentive & Drug Testing Programs Link
  • Filing a Complaint with OSHA Link
  • Workers Right to Refuse Dangerous Work Link


Whistleblower Investigations

  • OSHA Whistleblowing Program Link
  • Whistleblower Statutes Summary Chart Link
  • Whistleblower Investigations Manual Link
  • Investigator's Guide to OSHA Whistleblower Protection Link
  • OSHA Whisteblowing Statistics Link


Safety Issues

  • OSHA A to Z Link
  • Emergency Preparedness Link
  • Ergonomics Link
  • Forklifts Link
  • Medical and First Aid Link
  • Online Training Link
  • Personal Protective Equipment Link
  • Safety Shoes - Cargill Decision Link
  • Pay for Donning & Doffing of Safety Gear Link - US Sup Ct Link
  • Workplace Violence Link
  • OSHA Publications Link


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