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I-9 Form

  • I-9 Central Link
  • I-9 Form and Instructions Link
  • Handbook for Employers Link
  • Acceptable Documents Link
  • Examining Documents Link
  • I-9 Form Training Presentation Link
  • I-9 Form Videos Link
  • Guidance for Employers Conducting Internal I-9 Audits Link
  • How to Avoid Discrimination in I-9 and E-Verify Processes Link



  • E-Verify Program Link
  • E-Verify Publications Link
  • E-Verify Frequently Asked Questions Link
  • E-Verify Posters Link
  • E-Verify Employers Search Tool Link
  • State E-Verify Requirements Slide 8 and Link and Link
  • Federal Contractor E-Verify Link
  • E-Verify Resources Link
  • Employee Rights Toolkit Link


I-9 Inspections and Enforcement

  • Guidance for Employers Conducting Internal I-9 Audits Link
  • I-9 Form Inspection Overview Link
  • California and Oregon State Law Notices CA and OR
  • Penalties Link
  • Citizenship/Immigration Status and National Origin Discrimination Link
  • IER's Technical Assistance Letters Link
  • OCAHO Decisions Link


IMAGE and Save Program

  • IMAGE Link
  • Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements Link


Immigration Statistics

  • DHS Estimate of Unauthorized Immigrant Population DHS
  • Pew Estimate of Unauthorized Immigrant Population Pew
  • MIT / Yale Estimate of Unauthorized Immigrant Population Yale


Immigration Status

  • Permanent Resident (Green) Card Link
  • Employment Authorization Document Link
  • Temporary Protected Status Link
  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Link


Social Security Number Verification Service

  • SSN Card Link
  • Verifiying Social Security Numbers Link
  • SSN Verification Service Link
  • Restrictions on Using SSN Verification Link
  • SSNs First Three Digits, by State Link


No-Match Letters

  • SSA No-Match Guidance Link
  • SSA No-Match - Step by Step Questions Link
  • SSA No-Match - Frequently Asked Questions Link
  • SSA Sample Letter to Employee Regarding Mismatch Link
  • DOJ  No-Match - Dos and Don'ts Link
  • DOJ No-Match - Frequently Asked Questions Link


State Immigration

  • National Conference of State Legislatures Link
  • States Offering Driver's Licenses to Immigrants Link
  • REAL ID Link



  • Immigration and Nationality Act Link (scroll to Section 274A thru D)
  • Immigration Regulations Link 8 CFR 274a Link 8 CFR 1274a)
  • Google Translate Link
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