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  • EEOC Home Page Link
  • EEOC Offices Link


EEOC Charges

  • EEOC Public Portal Link
  • EEOC Respondent Portal User Guide Link
  • How to File a Charge of Discrimination Link
  • EEOC Charge Handling Process Link
  • EEOC's Position Statement Procedures Link
  • Effective Position Statements Link
  • EEOC Mediation Link
  • EEOC Charge Statistics Link
  • MOUs Between EEOC and Other Agencies Link
  • EEOC Procedural Regulations 29 CFR 1601


EEOC Guidance

  • EEOC Policy Guidance by Subject Area Link
  • EEOC Enforcement Guidance and Related Documents Link
  • EEOC Guidance Documents Withdrawn Link
  • Discrimination by Type Link
  • EEOC Compliance Manual Link


EEOC Laws and Regulations

  • EEOC Laws Enforced by EEOC Link
  • EEOC Regulations Link


EEO Posters and Recordkeeping

  • EEO Poster Link
  • EEO-1 Report Link
  • EEOC Recordkeeping Link


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