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Drugs & Alcohol

State Marijuana Laws
  • State Recreational Marijuana Laws NCSL
  • State Medical Marijuana Laws NCSL NCSL
Select State Laws Limiting Marijuana Testing

Drug Usage and Workplace Tests

  • Illicit Drug Use Link
  • Marijuana Drug Usage Link
  • Gallup Poll - Marijuana Link
  • Gallup Poll - CBD use Link
  • Quest Drug Testing Index Link


Drug Resources
  • Drugs of Abuse Link
  • Prescription Drugs, OTC Medicine Link


Federal Drug Laws

  • Controlled Substances Act Link and Schedules I - IV Link
  • ADA Link and Link
  • Drug Free Workplace Act Link


DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • HHS Oral Fluid Testing Link
  • DOT Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance Link and Link
  • DOT "Recreational Marijuana" Notice Link
  • DOT "Medical Marijuana" Notice Link
  • FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Program Link
  • FMCSA Clearninghouse Link
  • Custody and Control Form Link Instructions Link Guidance Link
  • SAMSHA Link


OSHA Post-Incident Testing

  • OSHA Reiterate Position (1/25/19) Link
  • OSHA Clarification of Post-Incident Testing (10/11/18) Link


NLRB Obligation to Bargain

  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing Link
  • Drug Testing of Current Employees Link and Link




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