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Background Checks

"Ban the Box" Laws

  • State "Ban-the-Box" Laws NELP
  • Federal Contractors "Ban-the-Box" NDAA  §1123


Criminal Background Checks

  • Hiring Individuals with Criminal Records SHRM
  • EEOC Guidance on Arrest and Conviction Records Link
  • EEOC Q&A on Arrest and Conviction Records Link
  • State of Texas v EEOC (5th Cir. 8/6/19) Link
  • EEOC and Federal Trade Commission Guidance Link
  • OFCCP Guidance on Criminal Record Restrictions Link and FAQs Link


Credit Checks

  • Use of Credit Information in Employment NCSL


Social Media

  • State Social Media Laws NCSL


Background Check Procedures

  • Using Consumer Reports: What Employers Need to Know Link
  • FTC and EEOC Guidance Link
  • Summary of Rights Under the FCRA Form
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Links to Forms Link


Fair Credit Reporting Act - Law

  • Fair Credit Reporting Act Link
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