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Affirmative Action


  • OFCCP Home Page Link
  • Law & Regulations Link


OFCCP Guidance

  • Jurisdiction Thresholds Link
  • OFCCP Directives Link
  • Federal Contract Compliance Manual Link
  • Frequently Asked Questions Link
  • OFCCP Tools and Guides Link
  • Guidance on Criminal Records Restrictions Link and FAQs Link


OFCCP Compliance Audits

  • Scheduling List and Methodology Link
  • Scheduling Letter Link and Link
  • 30-Day Extension Link
  • Compliance Checks Link
  • Section 503 Focused Review Link
  • VEVRAA Focused Review Link


OFCCP Disability Rules

  • OFCCP Disability Rule Link
  • Sample Section 503 AAP Link
  • Voluntary Self-Identification Form Link
  • Centralized Accommodation System is Best Practice Link
  • Reasonable Accommodation Pocket Card Link


OFCCP Veterans Rules

  • OFCCP Veterans Rule Link
  • Sample VEVRAA AAP Link
  • Protected Veteran Self-Identification Form Link
  • National Hiring Benchmark Link
  • VEVRAA Resources Link


Posters and Reports

  • EEO Poster Link
  • EEO-1 Report Link
  • VETS-4212 Reporting Link



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