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Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

 ADA Law and Regulations 


ADA Amendments Act

  • Final Rules on ADAAA Link
  • Q&A on Final Rule Implementing ADAAA Link
  • Q&A for Small Business on ADAAA Link
  • Fact Sheet on ADAAA Link


Pre-Employment Medical Inquiries

  • Pre-Employment Disabilities-Related Questions and Medical Exams Link
  • Job Applicants and the ADA Link


Medical Inquiries of Employees

  • Disability Related Inquiries and Medical Exams of Employees Link
  • Q&A on Disability Related Inquiries and Medical Exams of Employees Link


Workers Compensation and the ADA

  • Workers Compensation and the ADA Link


Psychiatric Disabilities

  • ADA and Psychiatric Disabilities Link
  • Q&A about Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Workplace Link


Reasonable Accommodations

  • Employer-Provided Leave and the ADA Link
  • Reasonable Accommondation and Undue Hardship Under the ADA Link
  • Small Employers and Reasonable Accommodation Link
  • Work at Home / Telework as a Reasonable Accommodation Link
  • Job Accomodation Network Link Link
  • Centralized Accommodation System is Best Practice Link


Drug and Medical Information

  • Guide to Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications Link
  • National Library of Medicine Link


Public Accommodation

  • Department of Justice - ADA Link
  • Department of Justice - Technical Assistance Link
  • U.S. Access Board Link
  • Disablitity Resources Link
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